About the job

We are a company that seeks the growth, prosperity, and wellbeing of the economic growth of a country and the personal career advancement of any individual. our obligation is to create employment opportunities for professionals, skilled/unskilled, and talented persons who might have lost their job due to the spread of the coronavirus(covid-19). We have the following openings for startups, university graduates and other educational levels, professional, skilled/unskilled persons who are willing to chart a new course in their career.

Who we are looking for

We are focused on culture first which is the very foundation of Wizclovoxx Groups. We want someone with a soul, someone who does the right thing, someone without an ego, and friendly with colleagues in the office environment. we’re looking for someone we want to hang out with, laugh with, and work with. Social skills are a must as it’s crucial in engaging with the client. We bet on raw talent over tenure and encourage startups with an entrepreneurial mindset.


  • Candidates need to have a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience and exposure to business and social life. having that said, what we want most is talented individuals that are hungry and forceful and, passionate to venture into new experiences while taking new task That’s more important to us than years of experience. Experience growing and managing employees at an early stage would be helpful, but not required.


  • 1. Customer Operations Manager

    2. Administrative Support/Assistant

    3. Financial Operations

    4. Admin Collection Representative

    5. Financial Collection Representative

    6. Debt Collections Manager

    These positions are opened for Full-time, Part-time, Freelance, and Contract

    These positions are 100% remotely and opened to applicants from North American, South American, United Kingdom, and its surrounding regions, All European Nations, UAE, and Worldwide.


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